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LuvHook™ Bracelets

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100% recycled material - hypoallergenic

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Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Our mission is to promote Luv and community, that's why a portion of our sales are dedicated to helping local charities and non-profit organizations.

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Looking for love? Wear the bracelet with the hook facing outward (towards your hand) and let the world know that you are waiting for your love, or that you are free and happily single. Already found the love of your life? Wear the bracelet with the hook facing inward (up towards your arm and heart), and let it be known that you are in love, or loved by family and friends. The LuvHook™ bracelet is available in a variety of colors, and sizes.

Worn as a symbol of unity and love for centuries

The LuvHook™ Story

The LuvHook™ Story is inspired by Carribean legend. As legend has it, wives of seafaring men would fashion a bracelet from their fishing hooks to show their commitment while the men were at sea. The fishhook is a cultural symbol of safety over water, which holds significant historical importance to the Carribean people. There’s an interesting story that’s been marketed with these bracelets about the way you wear them. The bracelet is worn with the hook pointing toward your heart to symbolize your love is taken, worn away from your heart means you are not in a relationship.

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